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One-on-One Coaching:

“Before I worked with Alia, I knew I was effective, but I was struggling with where I should put my focus. After doing some strengths coaching with her, I was able to identify when I was flowing in my strengths and how to maximize the impact of those experiences. Opening up my teams’ top strengths with her also helped me determine how to better work with, support, and delegate to them. Now I have been promoted from Process Alignment Manager for the US to Director of Global Operations. I had the courage to take the job because I understood how well it fit my natural areas of strength. If it weren’t for Alia, I wouldn’t have as much confidence going into the biggest career challenge of my life.”
-Meaghan Chitwood
Director of Global Operations, Business Network International (BNI)

“Alia’s coaching methods are individualized, personal, and outcome-driven. Her coaching insight helped me to understand myself better as a person and therefore how my strengths were best suited for my company (and even helped my personal relationships!).”
– April Wilkie
Owner, Healing Hands Spa

Corporate/Team Training:

“In the several months since our coaching retreat, our team has used this language again and again. We have been able to encourage and strengthen so much of the natural talent themes in each other, and for several people this experience even illuminated elements of themselves that they didn’t realize were there! Alia brought out so much understanding from the material, not only in the actual sessions but around table, in side conversations, and even afterwards. This retreat was the best thing to happen to our team in the last two years.

A few months after our time with Alia, we are still using the principles very strongly. Each month I have opted to recognize one leader’s strengths and contributions, and it always revolves around one of their top talent themes. We are strengthening them individually and in one another–it has been a wonderful few months! I am so grateful that we were able to learn so much about ourselves and how we work as a team. It has made us far more effective.”
-Leila Ojala
Senior Pastor, Elements Church

“Strengths coaching with Alia Stowers is vital to help any company– large or small– to operate to their best ability and really affirm and connect their employees.”
-April Wilkie
Owner, Healing Hands Spa

Taken directly from evaluations:

  • “I really loved the depth of thought of this training. This will help us be a better team and have greater understanding of ourselves and each other.”
  • “After this weekend’s off-site retreat with Alia I just feel like I know better what my place is on the team… where I fit.”
  • “I loved the activities, the handouts that showed our strengths in the team, and her explanations of the strengths interacting. She really personalized the training.”
  • “The amount of time and energy Alia put into getting to know us was really incredible. She really knows what she’s doing.”


“Alia Stowers is an impressive communicator and a breath of fresh air, imparting insight that motivates real change. She has the ability to cast vision and inspire due to her blend of real talk, humor, and substance. She brings a uniqueness that compels you to learn something new even from old leadership principles.”
– Kim Lucht
Owner, Maids of Honor

Taken directly from evaluations:

  • “The presentation helped me understand why people do and act the way they do. I will definitely have my spouse do the assessment and my direct reports as well. Great speaker– she kept it energetic!”
  • “New concepts with direct application to work. Everything was valuable. It was a very professional presentation that I enjoyed very much.”
  • “Alia’s energy is perfect!”
  •  “Alia’s presentation style is engaging, funny, and insightful.”